Leadership division of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

1. Secretary ofthe Party Branch: Zhang Bo

Preside over thework of the college party branch. In charge of party affairs, groups, unitedfront, political and ideological education of faculty and staff, security andstability, clean government construction, college system construction, andcadre assessment. Contact the first party branch of the faculty.              

Tel: 023-47284928

2.Dean: Song Qiankun

Preside over theadministrative work of the college. In charge of the college's developmentplanning, discipline construction, professional construction, scientificresearch, personnel and faculty construction, financial management, appointmentand assessment, international exchanges and cooperation.        

Tel: 023-47285743

3.Director-level organizer: Qiu Lihui

Assist thesecretary of the party branch to do a good job in the party affairs of thecollege. Be responsible for the development of party members, party membereducation, party member management, grassroots party organization constructionand other work arranged by the college party organization. Concurrently servesas a member of the party branch discipline inspection committee, in charge ofthe second party school.

Responsibilitiesof acting as deputy secretary of the general party branch temporarily:Cooperate with the secretary of the general party branch in the dailymanagement of the general party branch, in charge of student work. Beresponsible for student political and ideological education, daily educationmanagement, student second-class activities, as well as graduate employment,study style construction, community coordination, external publicity, andpractice base construction. Contact the student party branch.


4.Vice Dean: Wang Qilin

Cooperate with thedean to do a good job in daily administrative management, in charge of teachingand laboratory work. Be responsible for daily teaching management, teachingteam construction, practical teaching management, laboratory construction,teaching monitoring, quality engineering construction, as well as curriculumconstruction, technological innovation, education and teaching reform research,and contact the second party branch of the faculty.